Sofalca obtained the first DAP in Portugal

Sofalca has the pleasure to inform that have obtain the first product environmental declaration in Portugal ( By getting the product environmental declaration of Insulation Cork Board, Sofalca pretends to reinforce and
enhance the characteristcs of his 100% natural and sustainable product for thermic and acoustic insulation, coating and design uses. This declaration is registered on the platform for Sustainable Construction of CentroHabitat on the national level and it is on fase of registration on the Ecoplatform for a European level. The aim is to present a safe and complete source of information on the environmental performance of the ICB, reinforcing and highlighting its ecological characteristics. Bet on the detailed knowledge of the implications arising throughout the manufacturing process of the products, allowing to identify opportunities for improvement in the unitary processes constituting the product system. Identify solutions to optimize the sustainability of manufacturing processes and the entire organization. The DAPHabitat system was built within the framework of an SIAC project “approved within the framework of the collective efficiency strategy of the Habitat Sustentavel cluster, which aimed to develop, with national and international visibility, a system of verification and registration of the environmental declaration of products specific to habitat.