The expanded cork agglomerate is the ideal insulating material for cold rooms (upkeep, freezing and controlled atmospheres). The low thermal conductivity coefficient, affording high thermal resistance with low thicknesses, adequate specific weight, associated with notable bending and compressive strength, elastic deformation for pressures of 2000 Kg/m2, ease of application, perfect integration in structures and unlimited duration, proven by works carried out over half century ago, all go to make up a series of characteristics that no other material can offer.
Duly calculated cold store insulation constitutes an excellent investment with high dividends receivable in the short-term as not only energy is saved in the maintenance of the required temperature, the power of the apparatus to be installed is also reduced and hence is costs.


The Expanded Cork Agglomerate, internationally called “INSULATION CORK BOARD” or ICB, is a product of plant origin that comes from the falca, which is a very specific type of cork. This cork comes from the pruning and cleaning operations of cork oaks. After the falca extraction, it is crushed to separate the gravel and later granulation. The falca granules are placed in autoclaves and expanded by the action of water vapor.
Since the grains are confined to the space of the autoclave and have nowhere to expand, they become a block of agglutinated grains by means of the released resin.
Once stabilized, the Expanded Cork Agglomerate blocks are sawn in different thicknesses and packed in order to be placed in different markets.
The Expanded Cork Agglomerate is a 100% renewable product that provides an energy saving, with corresponding increase in comfort, provided by a natural and sustained isolation that does not compromise the needs of future generations.

Technical Sheet