Expanded Black Cork
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"Creativity Generates Creativity"

“Cork has the ability of evoking memories. Its smell, for instance, someone said it resembled the smell his/her primary school’s walls”, recalls Paulo. “It generates comfort, and lets energy flow. It lets homes breathe, improving the well-being inside.” But there is room for this noble material to grow outside too. That will be the challenge of Sofalca’s next generation: “I think the future will be insulating with art, which also applies to the exterior of buildings. We have some work done in Portugal with cork replacing stone or wood and, ultimately, giving spaces a modern design that can be chosen according to the taste of each owner.”


Expanded Black Cork

Cork blocks
Cork blocks

It is only used cork of the branches (falca) for the manufacture of cork granules. These are block clusters in an autoclave, a process that’s 100% natural, without the use of additives. This technology, developed by Sofalca, consists of injecting water vapor through pellets that will expand and agglomerate with the resin of the cork itself. This “cooking” also gives the resulting cork a dark color, like chocolate. During the production of the steam, biomass is used, which is obtained in milling and cleaning the falca, and that’s what makes it a truly ecological production and without waste, with a 95% energy self-sufficiency. This super-material, cork, offers a huge range of advantages, because, in addition to being an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator and as well as antivibration, it’s also a CO2 sink, playing a key role in the environment.