GENCORK at WOW museum

The WOW Museum is an unprecedented project (our biggest wall ever made) and represents a long-awaited laboratory to expand our vision and present our craft like never before. Navigate throughout the words of GENCORK’s team to discover the biggest challenges and our greatest achievements with this project.

“This was a vision of a future that already arrived, it is now. The WOW project is definitely a landmark and starting point for bigger projects with large areas, only made possible by Gencork for bringing together an unimaginable match, expanded black cork and generative design. GENCORK positions itself as the first and only generative design brand to exclusively work a material that is sustainable, it’s cyclically renewable in nature, recyclable, and of unique thermal and acoustic characteristics.”
Paulo Estrada, CEO

” We challenged all the previous limits, space, time and scale, with total confidence and resilience. There are no limits to imagination. We are always remembering the past, working in the present to redesign the future. A perfect triad to generate creative innovation and bring to life the unexpected.”
Le Brimet, Creative Director