Tektonica 2016

Presence of Sofalca at Tektonica 2016

The Expanded Cork Agglomerate, produced by Sofalca in Abrantes since 1966, was in its various applications responsible for the success and amazement of visitors. The Sofalca stand, with signature of Toni Grilo, was totally built in Black Cork Agglomerate, freestanding, without interior structures, and with a wave shape, which emphasized the capabilities of this Portuguese material.With the signature of Toni Grilo, it was possible to materialize a project in which the sensory characteristics of cork, color, texture, smell, touch, and mechanics were emphasized by the ability to produce, walls, dividing walls, meeting rooms, auditoriums, lounge, etc.Celebrating 50 years of activity, Sofalca together with ISOCOR, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary, have brought in the traditional and highly sought after insulation applications, namely – roofing, airbox, attic, terraces, underfloor heating, pavement, cork, and outer cover and insulation applications, ETICS and REV. The demand of its clients was more accentuated in the areas of rehabilitation and recovery of dwellings that suffer several pathologies. The unique characteristics in a single product – thermal and acoustic insulation, vapor permeability that allows the transpiration of the dwellings, 100% natural and healthy, since it does not use any additive in its composition, eco-friendly using biomass of self-production in the productive process conferring an autonomy of 95% energy and a low energy cost, A + certification of indoor air quality, allows the flow of energy, giving a healthy environment and atmosphere, fully recyclable at the end of life, virtually eternal, beyond the mechanical capabilities of resisting weights and being able to be self-supporting, has increased demand for this material in Portugal, and the company exports about 80% of its production. Exterior insulation applications Etics and REV (exterior siding) were the most sought-after and visitors could see full-scale application forms. On the stand there were still some of the new pieces of furniture, from BLACKCORK, contemporary furniture brand from Sofalca with Toni Grilo’s Creative Direction. This 3-year-old collection, which counts with the 3rd presence at the Maison & Objet fair in Paris, combines the solid and 100% natural Sofalca cork with the creativity of the Designer Toni Grilo, who with his magic touch creates unique pieces .The star of the whole stand was the recent creation of Sofalca, GENCORK. With the artistic direction of the Digitalab atelier, GENCORK presented two standards with 9 m2 each (6 x 1,5) in which allied the generative computational design, to the agglomerate of Sofalca. The continuity of the patterns along the 6 meters long, without replicating the pattern, demonstrated a unique possibility of contemporary coating with a unique material that stands out beyond the already mentioned thermal and acoustic characteristics, but especially by the sensorial ones and to finish by a design so new, so appealing, so passionate that there were many requests for budget and promises of acquisition.Nothing better than the year in which it is 50 years ago, together with Isocor that makes 40, complete an offer of the Portuguese product that combines thus the low tech of a noble product and well-known and applied, to the high tech of a design and techniques that make it truly unique. The creativity of Digitalab, by the hand of Arqt. Brimet, doesn´t leave anyone indifferent.