DrySuit Fitness Center

Sofalca presents DrySuit Fitness Center coated with ICB

It’s with great pleasure that Sofalca presents the work of Arquitect Jorge Bártolo, the fitness center DrySuit, completely coated with type REV Insulation Cork Board.

The design of the pace explores the integration of light and eco-friendly construction materials. The use of a steel structure and the coating with cork was decided because allows a quick work execution at the reduce cost with a integration on the local environment.

One can compare the concept of the building with the idea of a dry, thermal and impermeable suit for salvation in the sea, a last resort. The dry suit – saves the shipwreck “in a hostile environment through environmental protection through the isolation and exclusion of water. In the same way, the cork-lined building – dry, economical and impermeable, made sustainable construction friendly to the It is a dry event that allows floating and saving lives at sea, this building was a limited time exercise, which proposed alternative materials, optimized natural energy resources, thus saving the project’s viability and realization.

The type of cork used was the Type REV, a material developed for coating in sight, as well as for Blackcork design pieces and for Gencork walls