5 international awards

Sofalca recognized with 5 international awards

Since 1966 that Sofalca, has the focus on his production of insulation cork agglomerate for thermic, acoustic and anti-vibration insulation, as a construction material, whether in boards or granulate.

Feeling the need and the desire to create new proposals for design use, Sofalca created the Corkwave and Corkwave Green boards, boards for interior or exterior use with a wave design, in partnership with Arc. Miguel Arruda in 2014. After Corkwave, Blackcork was born, a contemporary furniture brand with the creative direction of designer Toni Grilo and in 2015 in partnership and with the creative direction of Digitalab Atelier of the Arquitects Brimet Silva and Ana Fonseca, Gencork was born.

This bet on the design market started to give good results and this is reflected on the international prizes Sofalca won. The prizes are a good signal of the acceptance of cork as a design material. The public is increasingly interested on the product, which allied the great thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics to the visual aspect of the work in cork using CNC to produce custom made design pieces.

In 2014, with the presence of Blackcork on 1.618 Paris Luxury Design, Sofalca won his first international design award with the Public choice award. It was the greatest prove of acceptance of the public to the cork agglomerate products.

In 2015, on the first public appearance on Tektonica, Gencork won the Innovation Award. It was the first sign of the potentialities of the Gencork walls.

In 2016, on the first participation of Gencork on Maison et Objet in Paris, Sofalca won the biggest award of the event with the “Les Découvertes” Prize. The reaction of the public for the CNC produced Gencork walls couldn´t have been better.

Next came the nomination for the Green Product Award, with the Gencork Corkbiomorph pattern, one the most desired awards for the creators of natural products. From nominee to winner, it was prove of the acceptance and fascination the public had for Gencork custom CNC walls.

Few months later, after a honorable mention by the German Design Council, Sofalca won the German Design Award It was the final confirmation of the interest of cork on the design and insulation material.